European and Taiwanese Cooperation on 5G

Wednesday, 19 June 2019, 14:00-17:30, room R8


  • Woon Hau Chin (Toshiba Research Europe Limited, UK)
  • Antonio de la Oliva (University Carlos III of Madrid, Spain)
  • Klaus Moessner (University of Surrey, UK)
  • Michelle Tsai (5G Office, Taiwan)

Motivation and Background

The workshop is jointly organized by the Clear5G and 5G Coral projects who committed to driving industry adoption of 5G by promoting and nurturing research in applications of 5G communications. Both projects represent the coordination between the EC and Taiwan governments on 5G development. The motivation of the workshop will be to bring together experts from both Europe and Taiwan on 5G to discuss the results of this cooperation and discuss possible mechanisms to improve the cooperation, by analyzing the results of the Phase I projects.
This is also a platform for participants to understand how 5G is evolving and developing outside of the EU.
The workshop targets 5G as a pathfinder for future actions by pursuing the following goals:
• Discuss progress and priorities with participating projects.
• Ensure industry views are represented, also beyond 5G PPP.
• Engage in a multi-stakeholder dialogue aimed at facilitating contributions to the standards process.


  • 5 presentations
  • 00 – 15.20 •Clear5G, Prof. Klaus Moessner, University of Surrey
  • 20 – 15.40 •5G Coral & 5G-DIVE, Prof. Antonio de la Oliva, University of Madrid
  • Break (15.40 – 16.00)
  • Panel – Impact of 5G on Society, European and Asian views (17.00 – 17.30)
  • Moderator (Dr. Woon Hau Chin, Toshiba Research Europe)
  • – Dr. Lifung Chang, 5G Office, Taiwan
  • – Prof. Klaus Moessner, University of Surrey
  • – Prof. Antonio de La Oliva, University of Madrid
  • – Dr.-Ing. Wilhelm Keusgen, Fraunhofer HHI
  • – Dr. Tonny Yang, ITRI