5G-PPP Cross Projects Collaboration

# Venue Description
1 4th Taipei 5G Summit “The Power of New Radio & Edge Intelligence” 5G-CORAL representatives presented how the concepts developed in the H2020 5G-PPP Phase I 5G- Crosshaul extended to the phase-2 projects 5G-CORAL and 5G-Transformer. (More information: /5g-coral/5g-coral-connect-to-the-5g-world-at-taipei-5g-summit/
2 Mobile World Congress 2018 Leaflet aligned with the 5G-PPP format and distributed at the 5G-PPP booth and consortium partners’ booths, in addition to panels referring to 5G-PPP
3 1st COMPASS workshop at WCNC’18 The    5G-CORAL    project     co-organized     the First Workshop on Control and management of Vertical slicing including the Edge and Fog Systems (COMPASS) which   took   place in Barcelona,  Spain on April 15, 2018 in conjunction with IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (IEEE WCNC 2018). This COMPASS Workshop is a result of merging the First International Workshop on Edge and Fog Systems for 5G & Beyond (IWEF) with The Control and Management of network slices for VERTicals (COMVERT) Workshop, creating this new COMPASS workshop, and is co-organized by the 5G- TRANSFORMER and 5G-CORAL projects.           (More information: /5g-coral/5g-coral-in-the-1st-compass-workshop-at-ieee-wcnc-2018/
4 2nd COMPASS workshop on Control and management of Vertical slicing including the Edge and Fog Systems. This workshop was organized by the Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications (iTEAM) of the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV). 2018 is said to be the year of the first normative specifications of the fifth generation of wireless systems 5G, and IEEE BMSB 2018 was co-located with a one- day tutorial on emerging 5G broadcast technologies and applications by the 5G-PPP project 5G-Xcast. IEEE BMSB   2018    counted    also    with    a    number  of workshops on 5G organized by several 5G-PPP projects, such as 5G-CORAL and 5G-TRANSFORMER. On the first day, from 16:20-18:00 the 4B Session took place: 5G Transport (5G Transformer, 5G Coral, 5GEx Workshop). (More information: /5g-coral/ieee-international-symposium-on-broadband-multimedia-systems-and-broadcasting/
5 EuCNC’18: 5G-CORAL Several coordination activities with other H2020 5G- PPP  projects  during  the  EuCNC’18.  5G  Coral,  in collaboration with other 5G PPP projects, organized the Workshop 3 entitled: Multi-provider, multi-vendor, multi-player orchestration: from distributed cloud to edge and fog environments in 5G. This project was organized by 5G-Transformer, 5G-CORAL, 5G-Ex, 5G-City and RECAP. Presentations from a large list of H2020 projects were received:

·        5G-Exchange: http://www.5g-ex.eu/

·        5G-TRANSFORMER: http://www.5g- transformer.eu/

·        5G-CORAL: http://www.5g-coral.eu/

·        NECOS: https://intrig.dca.fee.unicamp.br/necos/

·        5G!Pagoda: https://5g-pagoda.aalto.fi/

·        5G-MONARCH: https://5g-monarch.eu/

·        NG-PAAS: http://ngpaas.eu/

·        SliceNet: https://slicenet.eu/

·        5GCity: https://www.5gcity.eu/

·        5G-PICTURE: http://www.5g-picture- project.eu/

·        MATILDA: http://www.matilda-5g.eu/

·        One5G: https://one5g.eu/

·        5GMEDIA: http://www.5gmedia.eu/

·        RECAP: https://recap-project.eu/

In addition, 5G-CORAL together with 5G-Transformer and 5G-Ex organized a set of demonstrations in a common booth. (More information: /5g-coral/5g-coral-presence-at-eucnc-2018-ljubljana-slovenia/,  /5g-coral/last-day-of-eucnc-2018/

6 Demonstrations 5TONIC 5G-CORAL together with 5G-Transformer and 5G-Ex demonstrated the concepts of Edge Computing applied to the Robot scenario for the Manufacturing 4.0 use case, to representative of Telefonica I+D (Julio Linareas, CTO), on the 12th of July 2018.
7 Slicing on ETSI MEC WI 5G-TRANSFORMER and 5G-CORAL through their partners NEC, InterDigital, Telefonica, EURECOM, ITRI and with the support of UC3M, have contributed significantly to create a new ETSI MEC Work ITEM. The Work Item aims to study the support of network slices in MEC, fundamental aspect addressed by both projects. (More information, /5g-coral/new-etsi-mec-work-item-on-support-for-network-slicing-created-from-5g-transformer-and-5g-coral/)
8 First International Workshop on Experimentation and Measurements in 5G (EM-5G) First International Workshop accepted for CONEXT-18: 5G-CORAL organizes together with 5G-Transformer and MONROE projects one of the two workshops accepted for CONEXT’18.
9 Dissemination Cluster Booster 5G-CORAL is participating actively on the Dissemination Cluster Booster created with 5G- Transformer and 5G-Crosshaul. (More information, /5g-coral/the-common-dissemination-booster-cdb-service-will-support-the-5g-coral-project-for-h2020-as-an-ri-project/)
10 ETSI     MEC           implementation being developed in 5G-City 5G-CORAL is currently working together with the 5G- City  project  (common  partner  ADLINK),  in  order to leverage several innovations of both projects. 5G-City is analysing and working with 5G-CORAL partners to reuse the information model developed in WP3 for the OCS and possibly reusing the publish/subscribe mechanisms developed for information services. 5G- CORAL is looking at reusing parts of the ETSI MEC implementation being developed in 5G-City, although the specific parts are still under discussion.
11 Cloud Technologies and Energy Efficiency in Mobile  CLEEN 2019
12 Communication Networks (CLEEN) 2019 NGPASS, 5G-Coral and 5G-Tranformer
13 EuCNC2019 During EuCNC 2019 we had a strong collaboration with other 5G-PPP projects
14 Participation on the 5G-PPP Trials WG  Antonio de la Oliva, as coordinator of the Action, is actively participating in the Trials WG, specifically in the International Activities Stream.