Dr. Antonio de la Oliva (UC3M)

Project Coordinator

Dr. Antonio de la Oliva is the project coordinator and is a well-recognized scientist and science manager in Europe. Dr. de la Oliva has substantial experience in coordination of both research and technical development (RTD) projects involving many partners and complex research goals (deputy coordinator of 5G-Crosshaul and Coordinator of 5G-CORAL). Currently, he is an associate professor at University Carlos III of Madrid, participating in a research group with an astonishing track record of participation and coordination of R&D projects

Dr. Shawkang Wu (ITRI)

Taiwanese Coordinator

Dr. Shawkang Wu (Male) is a Technical Director with the division of Broadband Networks & System Integration Technology at Industrial Technology Research Institute. He leads the collaborative work of EU-TW targeted opening call project at ITRI. He has broad experiences in managing large scale projects, developing requirements for complex systems, and System Engineering in concept and algorithm development, mathematical analysis, modelling and simulation, and system trade studies in the areas of communications and digital signal processing.