Joint activities with other EU projects

Date Activity Activity Involved Projects Partners
Oct. 2021 5GROWTH – 5G-DIVE: Exploitation Workshop Experiences from field trials about the vertical industry Online workshop 2021 5GROWTH, 5G-DIVE UC3M, RISE, ITRI, NCTU, EAB, TELCA
Oct. 2021 Edge Computing World – MEC Hackathon 2021 UC3M and 5TONIC sponsors of the MEC Hackaton 2021 5TONIC, EMPOWER, 5GROWTH, 5G-DIVE UC3M, IDCC, TID
Jan. 2021 “Edge Computing for 5G Networks” White Paper 5G-DIVE, 5G-VICTORI, 5G-PICTURE, 5G- VINNI, 5G-HEART, 5G-CROCO, 5G-MOBIX, 5GROWTH, 5G-TRANSFORMER, SLICENET, SaT5G  ALL
Jan. 2021 5Growth and 5G-DIVE Research Projects: diferentes acercamientos para el Edge Webinar 5G-DIVE and 5Growth UC3M, ITRI, NCTU
Nov. 2020 Poster/Demo Chairing of WiNTECH 2020 Organization of Poster/Demo track at workshop EMPOWER UC3M, IDCC
Nov. 2020 MOBISLICE III Organization Organization of workshop 5GROWTH UC3M
Nov. 2020 Beyond 5G Evolution Webinar 5GROWTH, 5G-DIVE and EMPOWER UC3M
Jun. 2020 Online Workshop: 5G end-to-end experimentation Organized workshop: Assessing 5G need for Digital Twin Applications 5G-GROWTH, 5G-EVE, 5G-VINNI, 5G-TOURS, 5G-DIVE UC3M, NCTU
May 2020 5G Annual Journal Project summary article submitted The 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership (5G-PPP) UC3M