WHITE PAPER PUBLISHED: “Edge Computing for 5G Networks”

WHITE PAPER PUBLISHED: “Edge Computing for 5G Networks”

The 5G PPP Initiative and the 5G IA are happy to present a new white paper entitled “Edge Computing for 5G Networks”.

This white paper provides:
a) a brief introduction to the Edge computing concept,
b) an exhaustive technology review focusing on virtualisation, orchestration, network control, and operational frameworks,
c) a discussion about the role of security, and
d) an analysis of several business aspects around the Edge ecosystem.

Moreover, the white paper provides an in-depth analysis of Edge solutions that have been selected, deployed and validated by 17 different EU funded 5G PPP projects.

The white paper “Edge Computing for 5G Networks” is available at https://bscw.5g-ppp.eu/pub/bscw.cgi/d397473/EdgeComputingFor5GNetworks.pdf

From the section “5.1 Use cases”, 5G-Dive Project starts making an appearance, read it to learn more!