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Trilogy 2 sponsors CoNEXT’2013


Trilogy 2 is proud sponsor of the 9th International Conference on emerging Networking EXperiments and Technologies (CoNEXT) held from December 9th to 12th in Santa Barbara, CA.

Upcoming IETF Meetings. IETF 89 – London, England


Different members from Trilogy 2 will be presenting their work during IETF’89 (March 2-7, 2014)

Rethinking Access Networks with High Performance Virtual Software BRASes


Broadband Remote Access Servers (BRASes) play a crucial role in today’s networks, handling all traffic coming from access networks (e.g., DSL traffic), applying operator policies and providing the first IP point in the network. It is perhaps unsurprising then, that these are expensive, proprietary, difficult-to-upgrade boxes…

Multipath TCP and Its Use-Cases in the NorNet Testbed


Multipath TCP and Its Use-Cases in the NorNet Testbed Christoph Paasch. Tutorial. Sep-2013. NorNet Users Workshop (Oslo)

Multipath TCP


The Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is used by the vast majority of applications to transport their data reliably across the Internet and in the cloud. TCP was designed in the 1970s and has slowly evolved since then. Today’s networks are multipath: mobile devices have multiple wireless interfaces, datacenters have many redundant paths between servers, and multihoming has become the norm for big server farms…

Multipath TCP


Multipath TCP Olivier Bonaventure. Keynote. Apr-2013. IEEE LAN/MAN Workshop (Brussels)

Building the liquid network

Building the liquid network. M. Bagnulo. Presentation concertation meeting. Oct-2012. EU Commission

Trevi: Watering Down Storage Hotspots with Cool Fountain Codes


Datacenter networking has brought high-performance storage systems’ research to the foreground once again. Many modern storage systems are built with commodity hardware and TCP/IP networking to save costs. In this paper, we highlight a group of problems that are present in such storage systems and which are all related to the use of TCP…

Evolving the Internet with Connection Acrobatics

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The textbook Internet architecture revolves around the end-to-end principle with smart endpoints and a dumb network, while the actual Internet is far messier, with middleboxes pervasively deployed and affecting end-to-end traffic in many ways. Today’s Internet is fragile as most of the communications are affected by transparent stateful middleboxes deployed along the path…

Towards Minimalistic, Virtualized Content Caches with Minicache

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Video comprises the majority of traffic on the Internet today, and most of it is delivered via Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) whose performance depends, to a large extent, on being able to deploy a (sometimes rather large) set of distributed content caches at different networks and geographical locations. Recently, ISPs have started deploying micro datacenters close to customers, giving the possibility to third parties to rent out this equipment…

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